Issue XVIII Arts Showcase

This year’s CJLC issue features visual art from six undergraduate students.

The Three, charcoal on paper, Isabelle D’Amico

Untitled, ink and watercolor on paper, Isabelle D’Amico

Isabelle D’Amico is a Los Angeles native attending Columbia college as an Anthropology and Visual Arts major. A filmmaker, writer, musician and visual artist, Isabelle explores themes of the figure, the family, and the spaces between them throughout her work. Currently, she lives in Denver, Colorado.

Untitled, 35-mm film scan, Emily Sieler

Untitled, 35-mm film scan, Emily Sieler

Em Sieler is a Columbia College third-year studying Visual Arts and Computer Science. She is also a photo-based visual artist based in New York City, whose work explores the performance of self through visual media both on- and offline.

Remembering; or, holding onto disappearing moments in blue, oil on canvas, Julie Kim

Julie Kim is a visual artist at Columbia University. By painting, she hopes to eternalize the essence of a person, place, and feeling. She loves conversations, writing, and visiting new places and is always on the lookout for stories to listen to and moments to catch.

Untitled, acrylic on canvas, Elisabeth McLaughlin

Elisabeth McLaughlin is a third-year undergraduate studying Comparative Literature and Society and Visual Arts at Columbia University. She uses painting, photography, and collage to explore memory, contemporary life, and the natural world.

An Inclination of a Wave, mixed paper and acrylic on canvas, Maria Tan

Last February, analogue collage, Leah Collins